If you’ve ever wanted to try Barre, but hesitated, then this is the place for you.

Splendid Barre is designed to be the most fun, effective, and rejuvenating workout you’ll ever do. You’ll get your cardio, muscle toning and mind-body relaxation all in one hour. 

About the owner

Hi, I’m Dr. Karlie Moore, certified Barre instructor, and creator of Splendid Barre.

As a doctor of Exercise Science, I’ve always exercised because I know how important it is for my health and well-being, but I never really loved it…that is, until I tried barre.

The workout was a good fit for me since I’ve been a dancer my whole life…but since dance can be hard on the body, I created barre workouts that don’t include movements that put too much stress on your joints.

Then I made them fast paced for more cardio, drawing on my background in group exercise/aerobics teaching.

I also wanted to incorporate some yoga because I love the flexibility and relaxation that yoga gives you, and disliked having to choose between a barre class and a yoga class.

The result is a super challenging, yet safe and relaxing workout that I know you’ll have as much fun doing as I do.

Now, I could have done these workouts at home, but anybody who is close to me can attest to how much I crave connection and friendship. So I opened my studio, Splendid Barre, to foster that, and I hope you’ll come be a part of our family, and reap the health and fitness benefits of this special workout!

History of Barre

Barre workouts were created in the 1970’s by Lotte Burk, a professional dancer.

In the early 2000’s one of Burk’s students put her own spin on it and opened The Barre Method. Shortly after, a Barre Method student did the same and opened PureBarre. These are both now franchises with over 500 locations.

There are also many non-franchised, independently owned barre studios, like Splendid Barre. In Portland, Oregon alone there are 15+ barre studios!

Women all over the world are falling in love with these workouts, and it is safe to say that barre fitness has now become a fitness craze.