Instructor Training Workshops

Our training is for anybody who wants to teach barre anywhere! We hold our workshops at other workout facilities in addition to our Corvallis studio.

In this jam packed workshop, you’ll learn over 100 barre exercises! Plus you’ll get to experience a full class, and we’ll teach you our strategic class format that gives clients a COMPLETE workout for the entire body in only 55 minutes.

Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Full color manual complete with pictures and descriptions of over 100 barre exercises

  • 15+ complete workouts

  • A fool-proof template for creating your own amazing barre workouts

  • Music training: learn how to move and cue to the beat, and make music mixes

  • Modification training: how to adjust exercises for injuries and special populations

  • Opportunity to use our specially made music mixes

  • Entry into our exclusive facebook group of Splendid Barre instructors

  • Opportunity to become a Splendid Barre Master Trainer

Upcoming workshops:

November 20th 6-8pm + November 21st 10am-6pm

You can participate either livestream or in our studio. If you are not local, and do not want to spend the night, consider participating livestream on Friday evening as that is more of our “classroom” portion, and then come for the day Saturday.

The cost is $250. If you are attending only livestream, we will mail you your Instructor Training manual. Please email with your address and leave enough time before the workshop for shipping.

Interested in hosting a workshop at your facility? Have other questions? Email Dr. Karlie Moore at

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See what our classes are like on our Youtube channel.