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Welcome to the home page of our beautiful Corvallis studio! Here you will find all the info you’ll need about our classes.

Barre classes are 55 minutes, Yoga are 60 minutes

Monday: 9:45am*, 12pm, 5:45pm, $5 yoga @ 7:15pm

Tuesday: 6am, 8:30am, $5 yoga @ 10:15am, 4:15pm

Wednesday: 9:45am*, 12pm, 5:45pm

Thursday: 8:30am, 4:15pm, 6:30pm

Friday: 6am, 9:45am*

Saturday: 10am

Sunday: 9am, 3pm

*Childcare is available during our MWF 9:45am classes. Sign up on our online scheduler.

Intro to Barre classes are offered periodically. The next one is Sunday, September 19th at 10:30am. Reserve your spot here!

Intro Special- 3 classes: $25

1 class: $15

5 classes: $65 ($13/class)

10 classes: $120 ($12/class)

20 classes: $220 ($11/class)

Membership: $75 monthly

Membership includes unlimited studio (barre and yoga) classes, plus free access to both of our options for at-home workouts: on-demand (pre-recorded), and livestream of any of our studio classes. Also includes a discount on retail and special events.

This is the best value if you plan to come at least 7 times per month.

For your convenience, you will be signed up for autopay on your card. However, there is no contract and you can cancel any time.

Please note, to get access to our on-demand workouts, you’ll need to email info@splendidbarre.com after purchasing your membership.

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What if I’m too old or out of shape?

You’re not! Barre is a workout that we do in layers. That means everybody can choose which options works best for them throughout class. It works for all ages and all bodies!

Do I have to be barefoot ?

You must be barefoot on our cork floor, or wear grip socks. We sell special grippy barre socks for $15.

Do I bring my own yoga mat?

You are welcome to but don’t need to.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We offer childcare MWF at 9:45am. Outside of those times, clients can also use our childcare room (unsupervised) for children whom you can trust to sit quietly or a sleeping baby.

Can minors take class?

Yes, if 12 or older and accompanied by a parent.


Splendid Barre is a challenging fitness class, set to upbeat music, that includes cardio and resistance training for a complete workout.

By using smaller movements, we work the muscles to the max but don’t stress the joints. And we incorporate large, fast-paced, whole body movements to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn more calories.

We end class with a little yoga and stretching for maximal stress relief.

Intro to Barre:

This is a perfect class to take if you’re hesitant to try barre. We go at a slightly slower pace and take more time for explanation.

We periodically offer this class for free. The next one is Sunday, September 19th at 10:30am. Reserve your spot here!


We offer several all levels Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. These are free for our clients with unlimited class memberships, and only $5 for everyone else. These classes are suitable for beginners to advanced.

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