Love Your Wardrobe While Spending Less & Saving Time!

Hey busy mama! If you’re like me, you’d love to always look nice and dress in a way that makes you feel good. But dang if that isn’t hard to do when it takes so much time to shop! That’s why I want to tell you how much I love Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Prime Personal shopper. These services are super fun, affordable and HUGE time savers! Read on to learn why and how to take advantage of these.

I was super late to the online shopping thing for a few reasons:

  1. I’m on the frugal side and would hate to have to pay for shipping when I need to return something that doesn’t fit right. Then I’ve paid for absolutely nothing (well I’ve actually paid to waste my time!) 
  2. I HAVE to try things on. Fit and comfort are much more important to me than being super trendy. Yes I have to think the piece is cute…but if it’s not also flattering on my body type, and as comfortable as a blanket, it won’t make me feel good inside. And that’s my ultimate goal. So I tend to try on A LOT more than I actually buy.
  3. Even when free return shipping is available, I still find myself being drained of energy when I have to request a return label, figure out how to re-package the item, stand in line at the post office, and all the things that go along with that. It just makes me feel weighed down and inconvenienced.

I also have never tried services like Stitch Fix. This is mainly because of #1 above. I think the clothes are very over priced. I once saw a box that my sister had. I did think the clothes were super cute. BUT, my immediate thought was “these are cute clothes you could find at TJ Maxx, but these are NOT TJ Maxx prices.” I think what people are paying for though, is the convenience of having someone shop for them, and a professional stylist no less. But that does cost you a $25 styling fee if you don’t buy anything.

Enter Amazon Prime Personal Shopper. As a busy mom I love having Amazon Prime to order all my essentials quickly and without having to go to the store. One day while on the site, they showed me this new service. I could see right away that it overcame all my barriers to online shopping/styling, and would allow me to save time, plus keep my wardrobe fresh so I can feel good on the inside. Here’s why:

  1. Return shipping (and shipping to you) is free. 
  2. You don’t have to package the return, nor print a mailing label. The box or bag that the clothes come in is what you use to return. The return label (sticker) is included in the box, so you just slap it on!
  3. You do not have to stand in line to return ship. You go to a UPS store, and since it is pre-labeled, you can just drop it off right inside their door in their clearly labeled designated spot. This means I can drop my return off WITHOUT HAVING TO GET MY KIDS OUT OF THE CAR!!!
  4. Their styling fee is only $5
  5. They have great prices on clothes (just like TJ Maxx in my opinion), and are not over priced like other styling services. 
  6. I do like to use Pinterest to keep up on what’s stylish. But even so, sometimes I can be a little insecure in knowing what to wear and buy.
Pink cropped tank top |Grey and dark teal workout pants

So I tried it, and I LOVE IT!

Here’s what it says on Amazon’s website about how it works:

1: Create your profile: Start with a quick survey to help us get to know your preferences. Tell us about your style, and we’ll pick pieces from thousands of brands to suit your taste and budget for various occasions.

2: Have a specific request? Each month, you can customize your styling

3: Preview your picks. Choose up to 8 of your favorite items from your stylist’s picks to try on at home for FREE.

4: Enjoy a 7-day try-on period with no upfront charge. Returns are free and easy thanks to a resealable box and prepaid label.

Light grey open back tank top | Olive green workout pants

You can also cancel your Personal shopper subscription at any time, and then re-activate it when you want, allowing you to skip months as often as desired.

Another option is to pick the clothes out yourself. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you get the benefits of being able to try on clothes at home, with no upfront charge, then just dropping off the clothes you don’t want in the resealable and prepaid bag at the UPS store. I have done this option too. 

Note that not all clothes on Amazon’s site are Prime Wardrobe eligible. So if you choose to shop yourself, either browse within the Prime Wardrobe page, or if you’re searching for something specific, type in your search and then check the “Prime wardrobe” box on the left hand side of the screen. Only some sizes and colors may be Prime Wardrobe eligible for each item.

Here are some of the recent items I’ve grabbed from both Prime Wardrobe and Prime Personal shopper. You can click on each item to see it on Amazon. Right now I’m loving cropped and/or loose fit tank tops and high waisted, comfortable workout pants!

I’m so dedicated to helping you try out this convenient and affordable way to keep up a cute, comfortable wardrobe that I’m going to incentivize you to do it! Click on the links below to sign up for either Prime Wardrobe or Personal shopper, and I’ll gift you a free month to Splendid Barre online! You can check that out here! Just send an email to after you’ve signed up on Amazon. Once we confirm, we’ll send you your free month coupon code!

Try Prime personal shopper here!

Try Prime Wardrobe here!

If you don’t yet have an Amazon Prime account, here’s a link to try it free for 30 days. We started for the free 2-day shipping, but we discovered we also really love Prime Video for all their free movies and TV shows. 

In the comments, let me know, what types of clothes are you into right now? Have you tried any other personal shopper or subscription services? Let us know what you thought of them!

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