Why being skinny isn’t everything

We all know that being overweight isn’t good for your health. But one thing this Exercise Physiologist has learned is that many people don’t realize you can still be a very healthy person and be overweight.

That’s right, your weight does not completely dictate your health status. The truth is, if you’re overweight but still manage to maintain a high aerobic fitness, you’re much healthier than someone who is lean but not aerobically fit (which is why we make sure our barre classes include cardio!)

This has been clearly illustrated in research studies. In the graph shown below, 20,000 people were followed for 8 years. Check out the orange bar in the lean category compared to the yellow bar in the obese category. It shows than an obese but aerobically fit person had a significantly lower risk of early death compared to a lean but unfit person!

This isn’t to say that Splendid Barre won’t help you lose weight (it very much can), but if weight loss alludes you, know that exercise does way more for you and your health than just burning calories.

If you’re big, don’t be discouraged from trying barre…or any exercise routine for that matter! Know that if it’s Splendid Barre where you choose to go, we are waiting for you with open arms. Already we’ve managed to create such a welcoming and inclusive environment that our clients are all shapes and sizes (just check out our reviews).

You can also check out this great article: “Being the Big Girl at the Barre Class” published in the Huffington Post.

This image is from the article “Being the Big Girl at the Barre Class” published in the Huffington post.

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