Weight loss mistakes: how you’re setting yourself up to be a bottomless pit

While I NEVER want to send the message that all people need to be skinny, I know that some people do desire to lose weight. To that end, I want to be helpful in explaining some of the mistakes that I see preventing people from losing weight. (This is the 3rd of a series. Click here to read the first and second mistakes).

The third mistake is not getting enough sleep – a problem for so many of us. Lack of sleep has been shown to both cause weight gain and impede weight loss efforts.

The likely reason is because your body turns up your hunger sense when you’re tired. Without enough sleep your body senses that you’re low on energy. If you’re energy deficient then you must need more fuel, and that means more calories. Hence, it kicks your hunger into overdrive.

This is why you feel like a bottomless pit when you’re tired.

Getting more sleep alone could help you lose weight – and then there’s the positive side effects of feeling better, looking better and being healthier!

If you find yourself sleep deprived remind yourself that the hunger isn’t because you actually need the calories, your body just thinks you do. What you need is sleep.

When I’m sleep deprived and feeling famished all day, I’ve found that (second to taking a nap) doing something to get my heart rate up helps to get rid of those misguided hunger signals.

Do you have more questions about hunger and weight loss? Let me know in the comments below.

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