“I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel so much tighter and toned just from taking TWO classes…but best of all I feel so much happier!” – Kristyn Rowland

“I’m so excited to be part of this community. Thanks for being so welcoming.” – Lauren Mealey

“Really enjoyed class today. Felt energized and strong afterwards.” – Lily Gael

“My very out-of-shape self just finished my first class at Splendid Barre and I LOVED IT! Karlie is such a sweet and motivating instructor. She gave a lot of options for me to choose from to make the exercises easier on my bod. Her cueing was clear and well-timed. Karlie is also probably the most knowledgeable movement instructor I have ever encountered; she pays close attention to form and biomechanics to help lower the risk for injury and to recruit muscles that need strengthening. Each time she shared a suggestion with me I felt more muscles turn on which kept me more stable through the exercises. The class moves at a quick pace to keep the heart rate up and it closes with some great yoga sequences. I absolutely love this place and look forward to returning (after I’m no longer hobbling around due to soreness) and getting stronger!” – Maria Ross

“I love Splendid Barre because it’s a fun, challenging workout that leaves me feeling strong and energized. The exercises are inspired by activities I enjoy such as dance, yoga, and Pilates, and they’re extremely effective without putting strain on my joints. It’s been a joy to delve deeper into the world of barre through the instructor training, and I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned and to help people experience the awesomeness that is Splendid Barre!” – Carly DeMeo