“After doing barre a few times per week for only a few months, I’ve noticed an increase in core strength and balance, and my chiropractor commented that my low back is doing especially well.  He said he has clients that have really improved after taking barre and don’t need to see him as often. The classes are definitely challenging but I love how much stronger I have become. Thank you so much, Karlie, for bringing Splendid Barre to Corvallis!” -Linda Ksenzulak

“Splendid Barre allows me to feel absolutely great both inside and out. I love that I get an absolutely killer workout that increases my poise, and flexibility, and really defines my muscles in a sleek way. I love it in particular because it is locally owned, and the sense of community in it is fun and inspiring.” – Natalie Bowman

“My favorite thing about Splendid Barre? Of course how it makes me feel better! But the list goes on… like the amazing instructors, seriously! they’re all so kind and personable, love each of them…and all of the ladies I’ve met at Barre so far are awesome too! just to name a few things” – Sara Marrs

“Splendid Barre is amazing! It challenges you in many ways, but you can do it at your level. And you always feel better when you leave there after a workout.” – Chantelle Onderko

“Splendid Barre feeds my soul. It’s my time to focus on me. The classes have a perfect balance of challenge and encouragement; working on strength and flexibility. I feel stronger and more focused after each class. The high quality of the instructors, and their intentional choreography for the class, make that happen. It’s splendid!!” – Rynda Gregory

“There’s nothing quite like listening to some great music and getting your sweat on with the amazing Splendid Barre community. There is always so much energy in the room and I never fail to feel rejuvenated after I take class. It’s a fun full-body workout that encourages mindfulness and self-confidence, how couldn’t you love it?” – Hannah Downing

“As a distance runner, I was not aware of how weak my postural and stabilizing muscles were until I took a Splendid Barre class—Oh my stars, was I sore the next day! It would have been easy to just go to one class and be done, but there was something that kept bringing me back to Splendid Barre day after day, week after week. Whether it’s using the resistance bands, holding a modified plank, breathing through the cardio fix or sharing the barre with someone new, Splendid Barre has something to offer to everyone at any fitness level. What I love about Splendid Barre is that all I need to do is show up and I am guaranteed to strengthen my entire body, my mind, and my sense of community in under one hour.” – Sarah Sorenson

“I love that it’s an all body work out and I’m very grateful that the instructors encourage and show us modifications if we need it.” – Aly Welkley

“I went into this class (cautiously) with lower back pain. That was a few months ago. Now, I’m still very careful with my back…. but I now know how to protect it by strengthening my core muscles. I feel so much stronger now and more confident because my back pain is definitely subsiding and I feel stronger mentally and physically. Thank you so much to our amazing instructors! Love you all!” – Kelly Gerding

“There are so many things I love about Splendid Barre! I love the community. I love that I sometimes drag myself to class but never regret going. I love that I can get a great work out in spite of some physical limitations. And I love that I’m getting stronger!” -Lauren Mealey

“I love the community and friendships that I’ve made. Also, I like that good posture and form is emphasized and that it’s low impact which means it is a great option for a long term form of exercise.” – Krystal Fox

“I just love Splendid Barre! From the first time I took Karlie’s class I was hooked. I actually danced ballet as a young girl, and have loved the yoga and pilates classes I took over the years. Splendid Barre combines all 3! I love how I can see a difference in my posture. My whole body feels longer, leaner, and toned.” – Prisha Brown

“I love being able to choose the challenge level each class and, of course, the fun music to getting my heartbeat up!” – Maddy Antolin

“I love being active and outdoors but I have always struggled with my weight and posture. Four years ago I had a breast reduction, which helped my posture but I still had a long way to go. It wasn’t until Splendid Barre where I learned to activate my core and elongate my body that I actually saw and felt a huge improvement in my posture and in loss of back pain. Though I have lost inches, gained muscle, and greatly improved my posture, more importantly Barre has given me the tools to maintain a strong and healthy body, where unlike fad diets and other workout systems I’ve tried, is now an attainable life goal. That being said, I also just completely enjoy doing it. I always leave class happier then when I walked through the door.” – Alexis Doyle

“I love that Splendid Barre works on building good posture and ergonomics when doing exercises. I used to do similar workouts at home but always felt back pain afterwards. I love that as instructors, you help us and remind us to have correct form in order to save our back and joints! It’s a great workout and I enjoy the community.” – Rachel Stone

“I love this full body workout and how amazing I feel after class! I’m so glad I found this awesome studio!” – Sonnet Woodman

“I love the full body workout that you get with Splendid Barre. I really feel like my muscles have ALL been worked by the end of class.” – Dani Robinson

“I love that Splendid Barre is a full body workout that emphasizes toning, and that you can make the workout whatever you want it to be depending on how you are feeling that day! Plus the instructors and community are awesome.” – Kenzie Hand

“I love that it’s a full body workout but that it still feels fun! I always leave feeling better then when I arrived” – Cahleigh Barnes

“I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel so much tighter and toned just from taking TWO classes…but best of all I feel so much happier!” – Kristyn Rowland

“I fell in love with Splendid Barre when my sister invited my mom and I to try it with her. My favorite thing about barre is that I get a full body workout every single time, AND I get to do so with an incredible community of people and family” – Dani Gerding

“You’ve heard my story before; I was an athlete in high school and forgot to keep taking care of myself when I became a mother. On top of that I’ve had five surgeries on the same knee! So the times I did try to wholeheartedly throw myself back into exercise I ended up in too much pain to continue. I was increasingly unhappy with my appearance and lack of energy. Enter Splendid Barre. After my third workout I started noticing I felt so much better afterwards. The huge focus on proper form, not pushing things that don’t feel right, and all the variations for exercises made it so I was finally not in too much pain to continue with an exercise regimen. Plus I’ve lost 20 pounds! Splendid Barre has given me the ability to be my best, healthiest me.” – Krystal Napier

“Splendid Barre is amazing because it is a full body workout that physically sculpts my muscles and mentally rejuvenates me. I have done yoga, Pilates, and dance for years and it is wonderful to have a workout that incorporates all of them. I started the instructor training in my second trimester of pregnancy and I’m so happy to have found an exercise class that is low impact yet challenging, so I can have a fit pregnancy and get my body back into amazing shape after the baby is born. I can’t wait to teach classes and guide you through the Splendid Barre workouts I am so passionate about!” – Lindsey Geisbers

“Really enjoyed class today. Felt energized and strong afterwards.” – Lily Gael

“My very out-of-shape self just finished my first class at Splendid Barre and I LOVED IT! Karlie is such a sweet and motivating instructor. She gave a lot of options for me to choose from to make the exercises easier on my bod. Her cueing was clear and well-timed. Karlie is also probably the most knowledgeable movement instructor I have ever encountered; she pays close attention to form and biomechanics to help lower the risk for injury and to recruit muscles that need strengthening. Each time she shared a suggestion with me I felt more muscles turn on which kept me more stable through the exercises. The class moves at a quick pace to keep the heart rate up and it closes with some great yoga sequences. I absolutely love this place and look forward to returning (after I’m no longer hobbling around due to soreness) and getting stronger!” – Maria Ross

“I love Splendid Barre because it’s a fun, challenging workout that leaves me feeling strong and energized. The exercises are inspired by activities I enjoy such as dance, yoga, and Pilates, and they’re extremely effective without putting strain on my joints. It’s been a joy to delve deeper into the world of barre through the instructor training, and I’m very excited to share what I’ve learned and to help people experience the awesomeness that is Splendid Barre!” – Carly DeMeo