Splendid Barre Bootcamp

Splendid Barre Bootcamp is a nutrition education program coupled with deeply discounted access to our classes, plus accountability and support.

In this 6 week program you get:

Dr. Karlie Moore’s “Nutrition Made Simple” video courses (a value of $49)

20 class passes to use over the 6 weeks, either in-studio or livestream from home (a value of $180)

A large library of pre-recorded Splendid Barre workout videos you can do any time (a value of $38)

A facebook group where you can get support, ask questions, and receive some bonuses.

You’ll also have the option to purchase a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Moore once the program begins.

In these nutrition classes you’ll learn the truth about how to eat right and enjoy your life. No juice cleanses! Most take 20 minutes or less out of your day. There’s practical action steps so you can start to implement the information and get results immediately.

Here’s Some of What We’ll Cover:

  • How to spot the 3 types of foods that will fill you up without making you gain weight

  • 10 simple tricks to take in fewer calories without eating less

  • The #1 most common mistake that is sabotaging your diet

  • The secret about protein supplements that their makers don’t want you to know

  • Why “health food” is the wrong food

  • The big misconception about snacking and why understanding this could change everything

  • Why exercising doesn’t guarantee that you’ll lose weight and what to do about it

Join us for $99 if you prefer in-studio barre classes, or $49 if you prefer live-streaming barre classes (with both options you’ll also get access to our pre-recorded workout videos)

Registration for this round of Bootcamp is closed! Get on our email list to join us the next round!

Why I created this Bootcamp

Hi, I’m Dr. Karlie Moore, PhD in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and creator of Splendid Barre.

Before I started my barre studio, I worked as a health consultant for fire departments.

Over the years I counseled a lot of firefighters and their spouses about health, fitness and nutrition. And I found that so many wanted to lose weight, but they were so sick of trying things and giving up because it wasn’t working and wasn’t enjoyable. They were frustrated and overwhelmed because there’s so much info online to wade through, it’s hard to know what’s a fad and what’s really safe and effective.

My feeling is that it’s probably not just firefighter families who feel this way. It’s most of us. In fact, I actually use to have these feelings too. Yep, I too use to have some extra pounds I wanted gone, but I didn’t know how to lose weight while still enjoying my life. Instead I just felt guilty about what I ate, and bad about myself because I wasn’t as fit as I wanted to be.

Then I went to graduate school and became a doctor of exercise science and nutrition. I learned the science-based, non-biased, not-for-profit information about being healthy that is unfortunately buried beneath all the fad diets and misinformation out there.

I quickly realized that what I’d learned about having a healthy weight is not common sense, yet once you know it, it’s so easy to implement. And so, my strategy became this: make SIMPLE changes to YOUR current lifestyle that have a BIG payoff.

Now, I’m eager to share this information with my Splendid Barre family because I’ve seen the amazing changes people have made, and experienced them myself.

If you’ve tried weight loss and fitness programs before that didn’t stick, know that YOU weren’t a failure, those lame diets were. NOBODY likes to be hungry or to feel like they’re depriving themselves and forcing food/exercise that they hate. You WILL be successful if you take the time to learn how you can create a healthy lifestyle in a way that works for you.

In my opinion, some of the many reasons that fad diet and exercise programs don’t work for people are:

  • They go overboard. They try to cut out way too many calories and only eat “health foods” that they don’t actually like.

  • They followed a specific meal plan and got sick of it or didn’t know how to continue once they were done eating the food they were told to eat.

  • They didn’t want to count calories or points, or think so much about food anymore!

  • They were doing an intense exercise program that they didn’t enjoy enough to stick with.

    Ultimately – and what none of the fad diet pushers tell you – is that you have to permanently adopt the changes you make to lose weight. Otherwise, you’ll just gain the weight back. And I think that’s where some failure happens too – before people even get started. They fear that keeping the weight off for good means they’d have to change their lifestyle too much.

    And while there is no easy fix – I promise that learning the truth about how to eat healthfully will instill the confidence in you to not fail before you start, and will help you feel and look better while still enjoying your life and eating what you want within reason.

    To be clear, being skinny has absolutely nothing to do with the mission of Splendid Barre, BUT feeling good is at the very core of our mission. And the reality is, many people do not feel good in their bodies (physically and mentally), nor have the energy that they desire to have. Among other things (like having more fun in life), what I want for my clients is to live life never feeling guilty about what they eat, and to be able to maintain a healthy weight with ease.

    Here’s just a few testimonials I’ve received while offering this program to firefighter families, and you can find many more at the bottom of this page.

    Join us for $99 if you prefer in-studio barre classes, or $49 if you prefer live-streaming barre classes (with both options you’ll also get access to our pre-recorded workout videos)

    Registration for this round of Bootcamp is closed! Get on our email list to join us the next round!