Class descriptions


Our barre classes are set to upbeat music and include both cardio and resistance training for a complete workout. By using smaller movements, we work the muscles to the max but don’t stress the joints. And we incorporate large, fast-paced, whole body movements to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn more calories.

Yoga Flow

Our yoga flow classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to advanced. You’ll enjoy improved strength and fitness and maximal stress relief at the same time.

Power Yoga

These classes are designed for the more advanced yogi, or someone looking for a challenge before a blissful savasana. You’ll flow, do some inversion practice, and test your mobility.

Restorative Yoga

Rest your body and mind in our restorative class. Great for anyone who loves to challenge their fitness, this class gives you the opportunity to slow down and let your body rest so that you can perform at your best.